innovative way to repair potholes on your sites

Pothole.uk.com's cold lay technology offers the following advantages:

  • Pothole repairs 24/7, even in the harshest weather conditions
  • Fast, non-disruptive repair
  • Completely hassle free
  • No need for road closures
  • Clean, efficient & no waste
  • Bad weather aids the curing process
  • Works on most surfaces, including concrete
  • Minimal noise pollution
  • Used at Heathrow, Gatwick & on the M25 for the last 4 years
by repairing your potholes
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Pothole.uk.com uses a revolutionary cold lay product called Spa-Fix. In essence, Spa-Fix is a course dense graded asphalt mixture that incorporates a bio-based component that reacts to water to cure into a permanent pothole repair.


Cold lay technology

  • Fast, non-disruptive repair
  • No need for road closures
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Non-Hazardous environmentally friendly
  • Carbon negative solution to pothole repairs
  • Clean and efficient
  • No waste
  • Permanent solution "not temporary fix"

Fast, Efficient and Non-Dispruptive

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Our system

Ideal for durable repairs to most types of potholes.

Inclement weather actually assists the curing process. Spa-Fix remains pliable even in temperatures below freezing. Spa-Fix utilises a patented reactive binding agent which cures on contact with water meaning that even fully submerged potholes can be repaired and will cure to form a permanent repair. Each pothole can be repaired within minutes and is instantly ready to drive on, meaning disruption to your site is kept to the absolute minimum.

Spa-Fix is an incredibly environmentally friendly process as there is no waste and our system offers a permanent pothole repair.

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